Registration Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of entry into an event operated by Fit City Events that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Clause 1 - Registration & Acceptance
1.1 The lead registrant who completes the form accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of all participants on the order.
1.2 All participants must complete the approved registration form and have payment approved prior to a confirmation notification being sent and a place in the requested event will be granted.
1.3 All participants accept that all information provided is true and correct, and that false information provided may result in the registration being withdrawn.
1.4 All participants must pay in Australian dollars.
1.5 All participants accept that their registration is non-refundable.
1.6 All participants accept that Entries are non-transferable, meaning you cannot give or sell your place to another person.
1.7 All participants agree and accept that should the event be cancelled due an event or events (including natural disasters and dangerous weather, including but not limited to storms, floods, fire) that occurs with or without human intervention, cannot be reasonably foreseen by Fit City Events, and that is well beyond the control of, and could not have been prevented by Fit City Events, then any registration fee will not be refundable. 

Clause 2 - Fitness to Participate, Responsibility & Conduct
2.1 All participants attest to being physically fit and sufficiently trained to partake in the requested event. 
2.2 All participants accept to take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing during an event. 
2.3 All participants consent to receiving medical and first aid treatment, including transfer to hospital if required, in the event of an injury, accident, illness, or other health and wellbeing related issue during the event. 
2.4 All participants accept and agree that any involvement of hospitals, and off site medical care, is the financial responsibility of the registrant. Fit City Events advises participants to have Ambulance membership.
2.5 All participants agree and accept to follow the rules of the event and the directions of any event team member.
2.6 All participants accept that any belongings that is brought to an event is the sole responsibility of the registrant. Any items placed within the event venue is at the risk of the registrant.
2.7 All participants accept and agree to conduct themselves in a respectful and safe manner throughout the event. Fit City Events, their employees, suppliers and other related parties do not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse, harassment or discrimination regardless of who it is directed to. Participants who do not adhere to this clause will be asked to leave the event immediately, and will not be welcome back at any event operated by Fit City Events.

Clause 3 - Waiver & Releases
3.1 All participants, and heirs, executors, or administrators, waive and release Fit City Events, its event team, employees, volunteers, suppliers, sponsors, promoters, landowners, sponsors and any other party related to Fit City Events from all claims, demands and proceedings arising from participation in an event operated by Fit City Events. 
3.2 All participants agree to not hold Fit City Events liable for any injuries, or death incurred during the event.
3.3 All participants agree that any photography and videography taken during the event may be used for future event marketing and promotion, and that participants grant Fit City Events royalty-free use of this material.
3.4 All participants, with explicit consent, may have their email addresses passed on to event sponsors. 
3.5 All participants agree and accept to have their personal details recorded and used by Fit City Events for the purpose of future communication in relation to this event and other events operated by Fit City Events.
3.6 All entrants agree and accept that the releases in Clause 3 will continue forever.