One of Victoria's Oldest Running Festivals

Established in 1998, the Shepparton Running Festival is one of Victoria's most cherished and enduring marathon events. Nestled in the heart of Shepparton, this festival offers a unique blend of picturesque scenery and a community-centric atmosphere, making it a must-attend event for runners of all levels.

A Legacy of Excellence
For over two decades, the Shepparton Running Festival has attracted participants from all over Australia and beyond. Our courses are renowned for their flat and fast terrain, ideal for achieving personal bests and setting new records. Runners have the opportunity to race along the tranquil banks of the Goulburn and Broken Rivers, and around the scenic Victoria Park Lake, a centerpiece of Shepparton’s natural beauty.

Our Courses
The festival features a variety of races to suit all abilities, including:
Marathon: A challenging yet rewarding course, perfect for seasoned marathoners.
Half Marathon: Ideal for those looking to test their endurance on a slightly shorter but equally scenic route.
10K and 5K Races: Great options for intermediate runners and beginners alike.
Kids Fun Run: Encouraging young athletes to join in the fun and develop a love for running.

A New Chapter
Following the challenges posed by the global events of 2020 and 2021, the Shepparton Runners Club made the difficult decision to hand over the event to Fit City Events. This transition marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter aimed at further developing and enhancing the festival. Fit City Events brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, ensuring the festival continues to grow and thrive while maintaining its core values and community spirit.

Community and Beyond
The Shepparton Running Festival is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of community, health, and fitness. Our event draws families, friends, and spectators who come to cheer on the runners and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. With local vendors, entertainment, and activities, the festival offers something for everyone.

Join Us
Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, an aspiring runner, or someone looking to support your local community, the Shepparton Running Festival welcomes you. Come be a part of our storied tradition and experience the thrill of running in one of Victoria's most beautiful and fast courses. Together, let’s make every mile memorable.

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